The following is the short list of readily available materials on Hyman Bloom.

Boston Modern: Figurative Expressionism as Alternative ModernismJudith Bookbinder, 2005, University of NH Press, (
ISBN-10: 1584654880)

Availability: available from Amazon as well as from other sources.

An excellent book to have in your library. A full chapter dedicated to the very early years of Hyman Bloom and Jack Levine. A full chapter each on Bloom and Levine’s years of artistic maturity. Other chapters cover Zerbe, Aronson, Guston, etc and their roles in the development of “Boston Expressionism”.

Note: the book's jacket illustration is Karl Zerbe's Under the Chandelier (1948). The painting was donated to the Danforth Museum of Art in 2011 and is now in that institution's permanent collection.
Exhibition Catalogs:
Hyman Bloom: A Spiritual EmbraceDanforth Museum of Art, 2006
Framingham, MA (Library of Congress Control Number: 2006937958)

Availability: currently available from the Danforth Museum.

Not expensive and definitely worth having in your library. The Danforth Museum has been instrumental in supporting works of "Boston Expressionism" and in particular, the work of Hyman Bloom.

The museum's website includes a section entitled Boston Expressionism at Danforth Art. The "resources" section includes online copies of both the foreward and the main essay from the Bloom catalog.
Color & Ecstasy: The Art of Hyman BloomThe National Academy of Design, 2002, New York, NY (ISBN-10: 1887149104, ISBN-13: 9781887149105)

Availability: Out of print — available from online used book merchants, on the expensive side, but an excellent publication.
The Spirits of Hyman Bloom: The Sources of His ImageryFuller Museum of Art (now the Fuller Craft Museum) 1996
Brockton, MA (ISBN-10: 0915829673, ISBN-13: 978-0915829675)

Availability: Out of print — available from online book merchants, not overly expensive and highly recommended.

The book was largely derived from the work of Sammie Friedman's Masters thesis at Tulane University, completed in the late 1970s.