Thanks to the Hyman Bloom Estate for permission to reproduce images of works currently held in public collections.

A heartfelt thanks to Nina Bohlen for providing access to her extensive archive of Bloom articles & images, as well as general information and permission to reproduce her portrait works of Hyman Bloom.  Many thanks to Lois Tarlow for permission to reproduce her 1983 article from Art New England.

Thanks to the Estate of Dorothy Abbott Thompson for permission to reproduce both the essay from the 1990 St. Botolph Club exhibition Hyman Bloom Paintings and an excerpt from her 1996 publication  The Spirits of Hyman Bloom: The Sources of His Imagery.

Thanks to the Estate of Joseph Ablow for providing permission to reproduce Mr. Ablow’s 1976 article from the New Boston Review.

Brian O’Doherty was very gracious in allowing his profile of Hyman Bloom from Art in America to be reproduced.

Many thanks to the National Academy of Design for their kind permission to reproduce certain material from their 2002 exhibition catalog Color & Ecstasy: The Art of Hyman Bloom.  With this catalog, Isabelle Dervaux and Kimberly Lamm have made a significant contribution to the body of literature available on Hyman Bloom.  Sigmund Abeles, in addition to authoring the Color & Ecstasy essay on Bloom’s drawings, provided permission to reproduce his oil portrait of Hyman Bloom in the gallery pages.

Much appreciation to Danforth Art.   In addition to providing permission to reproduce Katherine French‘s essay from Hyman Bloom: A Spiritual Embrace,  Danforth Art has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to exploring the work of the Boston Expressionists;  since 2005,  Danforth Art has put together close to a dozen exhibitions featuring work by painters associated with Boston Expressionism.

Thanks to the University of New Hampshire Art Museum for permission to reproduce Holland Cotter‘s essay from their 1992 exhibition Hyman Bloom: Paintings and Drawings.

Thanks to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,  and Wellesley College for providing permission to  reproduce text from the “4 Boston Masters” exhibition catalog.  The MFA features Bloom’s  on permanent display.

Thanks to Judith Bookbinder for permission to reproduce an excerpt from “Boston Modern”,  her wonderful book exploring three generations of Boston artists central to figurative expressionism.

Thanks to The Boston Globe for permission to reproduce their Aug 28th, 2009 obituary of Hyman Bloom.

The Worcester Art Museum Library staff has provided invaluable help in providing access to a large number of mid-20th century periodicals featuring articles on Bloom.  Also, kudos to “WAM” for keeping   on permanent display.


BACKGROUND: Hyman Bloom, The Hull, 1952, Oil on Canvas, Gift of the William H. Lane Foundation, 1977.145. FOREGROUND: Kiki Smith, Girl with a Blue Dress, 2003-4, Painted ceramic, Stoddard Acquisition Fund, 2004.48